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Project management
Our project managers are PMP certified and all projects are implemented according to the PMBok®. logo
Project audit
All projects are audited against all relevant standards including ISO 9001, ISO 27000 and SA8000 one or more times during the project life time. Read more in our quality manual.

Software development

We provide software solutions and advanced websites based on all major technologies. Some of our teams are specialized on Microsoft solutions. Other teams are keen on Apple and other mobile solutions. However, our strength is within open source software solutions.

We have world class engineers that are specialized in PHP, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Java and standard open source solutions. Despite the fact that our JavaScript team has several specialists in YUI and jQuery, we prefer projects based on Dojo, Dojo Mobile and Dijit. Read more about our joy working with Dojo and HTML5

If you are not comfortable with solutions built on open source then think about some of the successes of our time: Wikipedia, Facebook, Joomla, Apache and WordPress. Just to mention a few of the most well-known solutions built on PHP.

We provide solutions of high quality. All projects are managed by PMP certified project managers. All projects are audited according to ISO 9001 one or more times during the project life time.

We keep you informed on a daily basis on the development progress, whether you prefer teams working according to the traditional waterfall-model, agile team or scrum team.

We prioritize high quality in project management and project management is included in our man-month fee. We don’t want to compromise on the project management quality of our projects.

Please contact us for further information.

Updated: 2010-01-24