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Bug tracing system?
Login screen Would you like to try our online Bug tracing system? We use MatisBT. You can log in to a viewer account here the username is guest with password guest. logo
Renewable energy
Windmil! Virtual Team runs on renewable energy. We own shares of the offshore Wind Farm outside the Copenhagen harbour: These windmill shares produce more energy than Virtual Team is able to use.

Activity Program

Please find the program for networking activities below. Later this page will be moved to the Network partner page.

Date Activity Downloads
n/a Introduction to VirtualTeam.Biz Introduction
16/12/2010 ISO 9001 Introduction for managers ISO 9001 Introduction
26/01/2011 Invitation: PMP Introduction
Introduction to the Project management body of knowledge.
PMP certification introduction
tbd Introduction to SA 8000

Please contact us for further information.

Updated: 2011-01-14