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Project management
Our project managers are PMP certified and all projects are implemented according to the PMBok®. logo
Renewable energy
Windmil! Virtual Team runs on renewable energy. We own shares of the offshore Wind Farm outside the Copenhagen harbour: These windmill shares produce more energy than Virtual Team is able to use.


Virtual Team is teamed with a number of highly qualified Bolivian software engineering companies. Below, you may read more about the individual company’s qualifications and key experience.

Management in the sun

Our partners are experienced in working with companies abroad and have delivered solutions all around the world, to among others: Spain, France, Holland, UK and USA.

During twelve years of working with customers in Bolivia and Europe, has acquired the experience that is needed to adequately manage your IT projects. specializes in Web Design, Google Map applications, automatic generation of Office Documents, Web Stores and Integrated Workflow Solutions. Working with will reduce your costs maintaining the high quality standards you are used to. Read more.
Inventic is a software development and professional Web design company based in La Paz, Bolivia providing IT services for Europe, USA and Mexico since 2005. Inventic has gained large expertise designing and developing Web software solutions based on specific requirements satisfying the unique needs of its clients in the areas of eGovernment, logistics, retail, event management, mapping and geoservices. Read more (Spanish).
BeeCID srl is a Software Development Company with a particular focus on ERP development and implementation. BeeCID’s vast experience includes development solutions tailored to its customer’s needs. BeeCID's collaborative approach with clients, internal PMP processes and teamwork philosophy ensures delivery as agreed. Read more (Spanish).

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Updated: 2011-01-21